Clean Vertical blinds frequently to avoid dirt build up. Especially along the tops and bottoms.

Wash the vanes at least once a year. Wash by hand and do not rub the vanes as this will damage the stiffening in the vane.

Do not wring and do not spin, it's best to allow to drop dry.

If you splash grease or cooking oil on the kitchen blinds. Using a weak solution of washing up liquid and warm water, gently clean with a damp soft cloth. Rinse well.

The blind should be opened and closed when the vanes are in the open position, as this will put less strain on the turning mechanism .

If you have dogs and they like to look out of the window. Open the blind enough so they don't get tangled in the blind and damage it.

Do's and Don't

Do not use any abrasive cleaners.

Do not use any bleach or products that contain bleach.

Do not use any produce that contains ammonia.

Do not use oil on the track as this will seep down into the vane. Also dirt and dust will stick to the oil.

Do have your Vertical Blinds clean professionally at least once a year